We all have options when tuning in to radio shows, talk news, or music every day. Certainly, there are incredible programs and worship music offerings; but not every church, town, or smaller community in America can afford to have these offerings.

That is why DeMaster Media was created.  We are a family operation that started with nothing – like most American stories.  We come from a family dairy farm that was operational until 2018; several years after the dairy industry began to struggle.  The child of incredible parents who continue to work the fields out of love for America’s farmlands, Jon DeMaster’s heart geared towards radio and technology. He had a knack for broadcasting, and his passion was to provide honest and transparent news stories to the people of Sheboygan County.

Though Jon’s first marriage ended in a bitter divorce that he fought against for years through his own church and Christian mentors; it left him with four beautiful children that he made his top goal alongside his relationship with God. No part of his former marriage issues masked the love and commitment he made to ensure his children would always have access to uplifting music, honest news, and absolute truth as they grew and matured as young adults.  Jon knew he wouldn’t have his children 7 days a week, so for the days he did, he worked for months with media contacts & friends throughout the US to create an in-home praise and worship station with the songs that often never make it to the mainstream radio airwaves (even for Christian networks). The “in-home” station played 24/7/365 so the house would be constantly filled with encouragement, hope, truth, and news allow the children to always have a foundation in an era of education uncertainty and mainstream news narratives.  Jon didn’t have a college education or any formal training from a US university being raised on a farm by wonderful, loving parents; but he taught himself to become one of the most valuable and skilled radio and technology minds that I’ve ever met.

It was hearing Jon DeMaster’s story and learning of this home station, that DeMaster Media was created.

I married this single father of four in 2017 after only knowing his voice and then meeting him once in person.  I was born and raised in big cities and had only lived in big cities up until I met Jon DeMaster.  For the first year of marriage, I agreed to move to the family farm where the children had grown and were still attending school.  AS I learned about small-town life and the limitations it has in terms of offerings and options – alongside the endless supply of hospitality, warmth, and community – I couldn’t help but fall in love with small town life.  I also couldn’t help but think there was something more that could be offered to small towns throughout the United States, and perhaps, someday, the world.

What Jon had created for within his home and for the children was nothing short of expertise in a skill set, and I knew I had to expand that nationally, and eventually, globally. That is why I decided to create DeMaster Media and the Praise Radio Network, in order to make it accessible for all small towns and communities throughout America by partnering with local churches who seek encouraging and uplifting music and news; but perhaps lack the population or growth to have a radio broadcast station.

I learned that these towns don’t generally have the big money of major cities and localities, and with our focus being on reviving the church in the US, I began to formulate DeMaster Media as a nonprofit organization – not focused on making a profit, but geared towards basic provisions to ensure all Americans have access to objective, truthful stories as well as positive and encouraging music and messages.  AS someone who has met and worked with persecuted Christians throughout the world, I have endless stories to share of those who worship in the midst of persecution – those who remain “singing in their cells.”  Those are the stories that DeMaster Media and the Praise Radio Network want to share with you.

The truth is, it is time for the church in America to wake up. Actually, it’s time for the followers of Jesus in America to wake up.  NO, not to raise arms, become political, or take part in social media chaos and banter.  Specifically, it’s time we stop shielding ourselves from the rest of the world, and going back to the truth in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Contrary to how it may seem, there IS a way to be knowledgeable, BOLD, and strong without yelling, screaming, fighting, or hatred. There is a way to speak truth in love, and frankly, the followers of Jesus in the US haven’t yet learned how. But I know we want to.

After all, those teachings of Jesus in the New Testament are still relevant today.  So is the wisdom of Solomon in Proverbs. Believe me. We can understand and learn from the stories around the world that are NOT being told by simply tuning in or opening our hearts.  We can stop cutting ourselves off from “major cities” or “mainstream media” by allowing small town transmissions that showcase hope, encouragement, and NEWS from across the globe into our homes for a fraction of the fee that would be required to create and begin a radio station.   I truly believe that we are due for a global revival; and we don’t need the stories from other organizations to reach directly across the ocean into the lives of our persecuted brothers and sisters overseas.

WE may feel bad for them and so distant that we can only pray for them because we feel it would be too hard to hear of their suffering.  BUT the truth is that those who are truly in Christ overseas are REJOICING.  Their stories give me HOPE and strengthen my own faith.  My dream is for their stories to strengthen YOU as well and revamp, redefine your faith. That is why I have combined my years in journalism and international nonprofit organizational work throughout the world with recording software to get the VOICES of Christians around the world right into your homes throughout America.

So reach out, get in touch, or simply tune in and learn more about the DeMaster Media difference.  Learn how your town, community, or church can get access and get involved.  Learn how your Christian radio network or even your talk radio show can purchase packages of the voices of the global persecuted church. Subscribe to DeMaster Media to get News Headlines from new perspectives, important stories you aren’t being told, and tales of boldness in Christ from across the world. These are stories that will never be “old news” and never be “out of date.” They are happening every day. Right now.  Every moment.  And we want to make them accessible to you.  You’d be amazed at the people that God is using in parts of the world we’ve never heard of – or perhaps, in parts of the world we hear of all the time, but have no idea the heroes that God continues to use for His purposes.  At DeMaster Media, we want to bring those stories into your churches and your homes.  Let’s begin to be the unifying voice of followers of Jesus Christ – the “way” – not merely “Christians” for the sake of being “Christians; but those who follow the “way”, believe the Messiah died and rose and will come again; believe in hope for all mankind regardless of race, ethnicity, or religious background.

Remember, it all began with 1 man, and then 12 who had no technology, but ended up spreading an earth-shattering message of hope that grew into the world’s largest spiritual faith following within a couple hundred years.  All because it showed forgiveness and not resentment; strength over submission; hope over despair; acceptance over rejection; truth over bias and propaganda; love over hate.  That is the message of DeMaster Media and its offerings.

DeMaster Media: The Nonprofit, Encouraging, Uplifting, News and Music Option for All People who believe there simply must be more to faith, no matter what you believe.

-Jen DeMaster, CEO of DeMaster Media.

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