For Stations:

We wanted to post an update about some of the changes we’ve decided to implement since we launched our National News Service.  Many of them are thanks to the feedback we’ve been receiving – and, while I’ve replied to some emails outlining these changes – I wanted to make sure you’re aware of those changes as well.
First of all, we have decided to take out the :30 sponsorship that was originally part of our 2 minute newscast.  As of February 2019, the 2-minute newscast is an entire 2 minutes of news.  It’s downloadable either via FTP or Dropbox; and we now have automation in place to feed these news headlines LIVE at the top and bottom of the hour.  If you’d like to receive them LIVE, please let us know at or by filling out the contact form below.

Here’s a sample 2 minute newscast:

Secondly, we’ve had requests for weekend news as well.  We’ll be launching that service starting 3/9.  We’ll send out another email blast when we launch the weekend service, with further instructions.

Thirdly, We’re adding a 60 second news update.  It’s downloadable via FTP or dropbox as well, and sent down our LIVE feed at 09:08:30 and 39:08:30 each hour.  

Hear a sample below:

If there are stations that would like a longer newscast, please let me know.  For those of you with temporary access to the FTP – please know that the login is good through the day on 3/8.  If you’d like to continue using the service, please contact me.  If you don’t have a temporary login, but would like one – I can set you up with our temporary account credentials.   To secure service for your radio station, the link at the bottom of our News Product page will help you set up payment and get an FTP, dropbox, or live feed account.   If you have any questions, email us at

Contact Us For More Information on our National Newscasts

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