Who We Are

DeMaster Media is the start of a new day in “mainstream media” offerings as our nation continues to advance and we aren’t sure where to get our news, streaming services, or objective analysis to educate ourselves about what’s happening in the world around us.

We are a group of seasoned news anchors, radio personalities, media commentators, and experts that decided it was time to create our OWN news offerings and content platforms for up-and-comers that don’t get a voice elsewhere, or the millions of people who want to hear objective news without the uniform spins, or the stations and networks throughout America that just want national news coverage for their listeners without the high costs or mandatory listener audiences.

That is DeMaster Media: educating the world about the real news in America, bringing back truth in news narratives, opinion, and analysis; and providing a platform for those ready to do so who simply can’t get booked by the Mainstream guys but have the knowledge to educate the rest of us.

DeMaster Media Services and Offerings

Below, we provide a few of our offerings but are always happy to hear from you in what you may be looking for or in need of. If that’s the case and your specific service or programming option isn’t available, contact us by clicking here and someone will be in touch!

National news – FOR radio STATIONS and STREAMING networks

The world is overrun today with Mainstream Narrative News Stories; but meanwhile, there are incredible stories, expert analysts from faith-based, non-partisan backgrounds who have dedicated their lives to finding facts and absolute truth in stories that affect all of us here in the US and abroad. DeMaster Media offers low-cost Radio News Services for stations across the company that include “top of the hour” news segments. Inquire about our news product by contacting us at the form below or checking out our National News Service Offerings here.

Learn more about DeMaster Media’s National Radio News service here.

“This is the most professional American-based National News service that our station can afford for its listeners without needing to pay top dollar or meet “listener thresholds” for mass media news offerings.”

america’s new with jon demaster – daily 5 minute news rundown segment

Seasoned radio personality, Jon DeMaster, breaks down the week’s major headlines into daily 5-minute segments that can be downloaded via FTP log in for any radio or streaming station even if you don’t use DeMaster Media’s National News Service.

Learn more about America’s News with Jon DeMaster or listen to past episodes here.

Radio & podcast production

“DeMaster Media is the bridge between radio/podcast personality and a top quality professional-sounding produced show. I would never have been able to produce or make a professional sounding segment without DeMaster Media. Thank you!”

DeMaster Media is your full service media consulting company providing services including production, affordable national news broadcasts, and streaming services.

We offer a full state-of-the-art studio and recording capabilities that can operate remotely for any local or regional radio and streaming show or station. We specialize in sound editing and generating a professional-grade quality to make your show hit the next level.

Praise radio global streaming

Praise Radio is DeMaster Media’s Fully Functional 24/7 Christian Music Station currently streaming in over 130 countries and available FREE for LPFM or other stations with Dead Air. Within the Praise Radio Global stream, you’ll have praise and worship inspirational music, DeMaster Media’s National News Headlines, special features of short encouraging messages such as “voices of the persecuted” and other hope-filled segments. For more information on getting the Praise Radio Global stream or to listen to our stream, click here to access the Praise Radio Network.

THE positive talk network: Providing “starting point” platforms for experts and podcasters to reach more listeners and get their stories and educational analysis to the public