Sen. John Loudon (MO-ret.)

John Loudon is the former senator from Missouri who passed numerous landmark pieces of legislation including Missouri's landmark abortion bill to protect unborn lives. Senator Loudon is the CEO of Gonzales Family Offices & Tax Services in South Florida and is an expert on Labor Issues, Business, Legislation and Insurance Issues. Senator Loudon is also … Continue reading Sen. John Loudon (MO-ret.)

Dr. Gina Loudon

Dr. Gina Loudon is the Co-Chair of the Women For Trump Coalition for the Donald J. Trump 2020 Presidential Campaign. She is a Psychology and Mental Health Expert, Best Selling Author, and has spent decades advocating for issues including Parenting, Women's Issues, Abortion, Special Needs, Disability, and Adoption.

Jennifer Tavares DeMaster, Esq. (Jennifer Breedon)

Jennifer DeMaster (formerly Jennifer Breedon) is a Brazilian American International & Criminal Law Attorney specializing in National Security issues, international crimes, Middle East, terrorism, and Constitutional Law in the United States. She is a US Foreign Policy expert, women's rights and federal civil rights advocate speaking to rights of farmers in the Mid West, Wisconsin … Continue reading Jennifer Tavares DeMaster, Esq. (Jennifer Breedon)

Educating, Informing, and Providing Hope in the Age of Fear & Uncertainty

We all have options when tuning in to radio shows, talk news, or music every day. Certainly, there are incredible programs and worship music offerings; but not every church, town, or smaller community in America can afford to have these offerings. That is why DeMaster Media was created.  We are a family operation that started … Continue reading Educating, Informing, and Providing Hope in the Age of Fear & Uncertainty