Top Tier – (Actually) Fact-Based News for Radio Shows or Podcasts

The world is overrun today with Mainstream Narrative News Stories; but meanwhile, there are incredible stories, expert analysts from faith-based, non-partisan backgrounds who have dedicated their lives to finding facts and absolute truth in stories that affect all of us here in the US and abroad. DeMaster Media offers low-cost Radio and Podcast News Services for educational media outreach networks and praise music stations as well as other talk radio shows that include “top of the hour” news segments. Inquire about our news product by contacting us at the form below.

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Find some of the very best Expert Commentators on all subjects, from all viewpoints.

DeMaster Media showcases at little to no profit the Best Reasonable Expert Commentators composed of all Opinions & Viewpoints on every major issue. All commentators we support on this site have 24/7/365 access to live shot studios throughout the US. Subscribe (below) to get updates on new commentators or experts for shows that want to sift through the fluff and get the most incredible voices on every topic!

Praise Radio: A Fully Functional 24/7 Christian Music Station Content – Free to Current Stations with Dead Air

DeMaster Media offers a variety of programming for radio stations throughout the country, and the world. We offer National News Headlines, a special weekly feature with stories of the persecuted, and a music-intensive Praise & Worship format for stations in need on content. We also provide custom news and voice-tracking services for radio stations. Contact us for more information on customized packages tailored to your station.

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