If you or your company are interested in being an underwriter for a DeMaster Media service or platform, this is where you can get started! Your company or business can be named as an underwriter or advertiser for any (or all) of our services and platforms, including:

Our sponsorship, underwriting, and advertiser packages are simple, straightforward, and provide your company or service with several options to support our work and publicize your business through our mention of your offerings.

How do i get started becoming an underwriter of demaster media’s news or streaming networks?

There are two ways to get started as an underwriter or sponsor of DeMaster Media’s news or streaming station platforms. You can download the PDF document here, fill in the information on what you’re looking for, and email it back to contact@demastermedia.com and we will get the ball rolling. Or, simply fill out the contact form below and we will provide you with a custom-tailored PDF for you to choose you underwriter and sponsorship package on one or all of our service platforms. Our amounts reflect the listener base we have for each service or platform.